The health benefits Supplied by the process of dream interpretation to you are based on Carl Jung’s research’s continuation in the area of the human mind. These benefits are offered through dream analysis to you. Now we know The anti-conscience, the side of our conscience, which did not evolve like our side provokes mental illnesses. We know that by following the advice we develop our intellect so as to acquire awareness, and will remove the influence of this anti-conscience in our behavior. This practice is all mental illnesses, in addition to a guarantee that we will prevent ailments. While there are many Distortions of the significance of dreams everywhere, you are given a guarantee of its efficacy carried on through fantasy translation by the process of dream interpretation.

Mental Health

By following this Method you will understand that your body and your mind are connected and that all diseases have a motive, even if this is not visible. You will discover that All diseases are in reality hoping to prevent disorders, or they are disorders, which denounce the effect of the anti-conscience on your behavior or caused by psychological disorders. You may recover your health As soon as you remove the influence of this anti-conscience on your mind. Much to their surprise, Dream treatment treated from various diseases people. The mind works like a psychotherapist assessing their issues. The ailments disappear because the dreamers have corrected their behavior staying far away in the mental disorders or disorders which threatened their stability when the psychotherapy arrives at a certain point.

Through dream Translation we understand their source and can diagnose diseases that are odd. Unexplained symptoms are understood because we find that which provokes them when we examine our life biography. We understand what we must do in order to stop suffering and we are sick. The purpose behind Having fantasies or bad dreams stays the same. It is to prevent accidents, mental disorders diseases or conditions. This happens because The energy, generates everything that is bad in our own lives or, in our behavior. The anti-conscience keeps trying to destroy our selves and control our behavior by creating circumstances that are unbearable in our lives and by interfering in our mind. When we learn to Eliminate the energy of our violent and crude conscience, we learn To maintain our physical and mental health. We prevent accidents and other misfortunes.