Have you ever been on a flight and spoken to the individual sitting next to you to be amazed they have bought their ticket considerably cheaper than yours? You have done all of the research, made multiple phone calls and seen numerous travel agents and you thought you have your ticket for a wonderful price only to be defeated by the man sitting next to you. There are many methods to procure cheaper flight tickets. Booking well in advance must be the best approach. Flight schedules come out in 6-month periods so that you will need to be on the ball when these programs come out on the open market. You may ensure this by joining all of the newsletters of the airlines which fly your path. Do not worry, they are not going to inundate you with flight supplies though this will take place periodically.

Booking a flight 6-months in advance is not something that everybody wants to do and sometimes is not feasible to do due to individual conditions. But in case you can do this then you have got a distinct advantage in the cheap flight ticket sport. Each flight that is published has discount tickets available. You might have seen the airlines advertising campaigns where they market very cheap tickets from particular routes. What they do not tell you is the amount of discount seats available. This is where the advance booking gets the advantage. The faster you book the better so you have got to get this done whenever the flights are published. You will need to do this quickly in some instances based on the program, busy programs will sell out faster so you want to act fast. That being said personally contact the airlines beforehand so i know the day these flight tickets have been released. It only takes one phone call or email to the airlines to find the very important information.

Each flight will have the cheap flights from Canada to India available in line with the airlines promotion. They must offer these by law. The amount of those cheap tickets would be determined by the airline, size and schedule of the aircraft. Now once these tickets are sold that is it. The following cheaper tickets will be greater, still cheaper than the normal price but you are not getting the exact savings as you would with the largest discount flight tickets. From this period onwards the tickets will rise until they are in the greatest prices that are a couple weeks before the flight departs. Do not come under the premise that any seats not purchased by passengers will come onto the open market at a high discount. This is a scenario that the airlines do not want. They reward passengers for booking early so get on the mailing lists now and you will go a long way to saving money on your upcoming flight tickets.